Brexit Updates for European business aviation in 2021

What are the implications of Brexit when it comes to European private jet charters?

Learn why your private jet travels to and from the UK won't be disrupted

On 1 January 2021, Brexit was formally implemented and will become part of everyday life. The treaty on future relations negotiated between the UK and the EU and ratified by the governments provides clarity. For aviation, the rules are now clearly on the table. Maybe the agreed terms are not what our industry wanted on either side but we have to make the best out of it.


Back in December 2020, the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) offered EU based private jet charter operators the chance to apply for a Third Country Operator (TCO) block permit valid till 31st March 2021.

GlobeAir applied and successfully received the certificate. All EU based operators who have received this TCO are now able to fly with passengers from any EU member state to the UK and also return from the UK to any EU member state, but are not permitted to operate domestic flights within the UK with passengers. UK based private jet charter operators can fly with pax from the UK to one EU member state and return but need a permit which causes massive paperwork and additional fees for every flight.

We expect that all 27 EU member states will soon start negotiations to replace these burdensome flight permits with bilateral TCO block permits. We hope that these negotiations will be launched soon and that they will progress quickly. The UK plays an important role in European aviation and should therefore remain an integral part of it. However, there will be restrictions and additional requirements on both sides and in any case.

Are there any changes to private flights with pets?

Post-Brexit changes for flights with pets affect those travelling from Great Britain to the EU or Northern Ireland. The old UK pet passport is no longer valid. There are no changes for travel to the UK for which the existing pet passport can currently still be used. From the 1st January 2021, travellers with pets flying from Great Britain to the EU or Northern Ireland will instead need an Animal Health Certificate (AHC). The AHC must be issued at least 10 days before travelling to the EU and is then valid for four months, during which time it allows travel within the EU. The current entry requirements for the UK have not changed and the UK pet passport can still be used for entry, along with the usual vaccination requirements. The animal health certificate can also be used for reentry into the UK if it is still valid.

How to be ready to fly with your beloved pets to the UK

Three things to do in order to fly private with your four-legged friends after Brexit

1. Your pet has an updated Health Certificate

Instead of a pet passport when traveling within the EU and Northern Ireland, British travellers will now need an animal health certificate (AHC) no more than 10 days before their departure. This document can only be issued by an official veterinarian and you would need a new one for each private jet trip your book with GlobeAir.

2. Your pet is microchipped

You should make sure that your pet has a valid microchip device (IOS 11784 compliant) where to register your contact details with a vet before you travel. Your pet must be microchipped before or at the same time as their rabies vaccination, or it will have to repeat the vaccine shot.

Four pets on board
Dog on board 2
Dog on board

3. Your pet has the rabies vaccine

Your pet will need to be vaccinated against rabies 21 days before travelling. Additionally, you should ask your vet which EU countries require the tapeworm vaccination on top of the rabies one.

Your vet will need proof that your pet is at least 12 weeks old before any vaccination can be administered. You will not need to get repeat vaccinations for repeat trips to the EU or Northern Ireland if your pet’s rabies vaccination is up to date.

The pet’s animal health certificate must have all the following information:

  1. Your pet's date of birth
  2. Your pet's microchip number
  3. All vaccination dates
  4. The manufacturer and the name of the vaccine
  5. The vaccine's batch number
  6. The vaccination's expiry date
  7. The vet details and official signature


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