GlobeAir's Christmas gift list

The perfect gift list for those who have everything

How to give the perfect gifts to your nearest and dearest

Christmas is upon us, and it is now the right moment to start planning how to make the most wonderful time of the year even more special. Hunting down the perfect Christmas gifts, however, can be disheartening; we are always on the lookout for the most original presents, but we sometimes lack the inspiration.

Christmas presents list globeair

The whole gift-giving ritual, then, becomes even more complicated when your loved ones seem to already have everything they need. This year, we have compiled a list of Christmas gift suggestions to make your Santa Claus duties easier than ever.

Some of our gift ideas are perfect for women; some are great for men; some suit the whole family. We hope to stimulate your creativity and may your gifts be received as great surprises this year. Let's get started!

1. The purest water on Earth

Choose the subscription plan that best suits your loved ones

Hallstein is a superior quality drinking water originating from a natural artesian source deep in the breathtaking Austrian Alps.

Hallstein water for globeair 03
Hallstein water for globeair 02
Hallstein water for globeair 01

The purest water on Earth is more than 200 metres deep in a layer of rock beneath Obertraun, in the Hallstatt region of Upper Austria, and the water that arrives at the artesian Dachstein well has the richest of narrative backstories. Consult Hallstein's online shop and use the "quantity assistant" to estimate the perfect amount of 5-gallon bottles that could make for the ideal gift.

2. Choose the classiest Advent Calendar

24 Tiffany & Co's jewels for the year to come

Is there anything more Christmass-y than an advent calendar? This time, Tiffany & Co have put together the perfect Christmas gift for all brand lovers and – above all – for those who can never make up their mind on their favourite Tiffany's jewellery piece.

Globeair for tiffany
Globeair for tiffany 03
Globeair for tiffany 02

The Tiffany & co advent calendar contains 24 pre-selected items all wrapped in the iconic Tiffany Blue Box®. Check out Tiffany & co's page to discover what's hidden behind every calendar's door. This exclusive gift idea is only available in selected markets, so we recommend that you check on their website for more information.

3. Give the gift of time

Private jet charter gift cards by GlobeAir

There is no better gift than the one of time. For those among your circle who travel often, why not choose the GlobeAir gift cards.

Whether you travel for leisure or business, chartering a private jet is the most convenient alternative to owning a jet or choosing fractional jet ownership. According to your needs, we are offering gift cards with a value of € 5,000 (example route: Paris – Cannes); € 8,000 (example route: Nice – Ibiza – Nice); or € 11,000 (weekend London – Nice – London).

4. Luxury Christmas weekend in Sardinia for two

Jet off to Italy during the cold winter and make memories

Receiving a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift is certainly appreciated. Choosing a travel experience for your nearest and dearest, on the other hand, can be something even more memorable. When the weather gets cold and the days short, there is perhaps no better choice than spending a luxury weekend on an island with your best friend or your partner.

Supercar experience sardinia
Supercar exclusive travel experience porto cervo
Supercar christmas experience sardinia two

This year, we have chosen Sardinia to host your Christmas luxury travel experience by the coast. We are partnering up with 4experience to offer you a fantastic supercar travel experience, coupled with a delicious wine tasting and a gourmet meal at the famous Li Neuli's Country Club.

The Sardinian supercar tour has plenty to offer; on day one you will start the adventure in Porto Cervo. After a delicious breakfast, you will be assigned your vehicles, either a Ferrari 488 Spider or a Lamborghini Huracán. Enjoy your morning drive around the Sardinian coast, take your perfect selfie, and head to Li Neuli's Country Club. Appreciate the most refined Sardinian enogastronomic culture and drive back for another adrenaline rush... and more pictures. End the tour with a visit to the Cantine Surrau. Should you be interested in this original gift idea, contact GlobeAir for more information. An extra tip to top off the journey: hire a GlobeAir private jet charter to reach Olbia from any of your favourite destinations.


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