GlobeAir's last-minute bookings forecast on the rise after BA strike

The BA crew strike draws near

GlobeAir foresees an increase in last-minute inquiries and bookings.

After the two strikes demanded by its pilots back on September 9 and 10, BA has announced that another strike action could lead to the disruption of its operations on September 27. Between today and tomorrow – the day announced for the strike – we are expecting to see an increase in last-minute bookings.

BA's passengers are kept informed and are aware of the high possibility that their flights could undergo last-minute cancellations or changes to their schedule.

"We saw a massive uptick for requests, both direct and from brokers," said Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir CEO.

As it happened during the past two-day strike at the beginning of this month, the second round of strikes will see us prepared to provide efficient alternative solutions for affected passengers.

How can private jet operators support passengers during the British Airways strike?

As private jet charters never go on strike and do not operate on a fixed schedule, it is more likely that they can offer availability at short notice.

Sorting out your backup flight with a private jet charter operator is practical because you won't incur any increase in fares or hidden fees.

At GlobeAir, it takes us less than a minute to process your inquiries. Afterwards, we double-check your flight availability, so that you can make alternative plans right after you have learnt about your flight status.

How to be notified about the strike's latest news?

BA is providing regular updates on its website.

However, over the past few days, BA customers seem to have expressed feelings of frustration at BA's customer service. A customer said he could not get a refund for a booking made for the same date as the strike on September 27.

"Today, BA customer service helpline told me I couldn't get a refund because my flight isn't yet canceled (…)" wrote WeiyaliWai in a tweet.

BA's Twitter team answered saying: "We know it's frustrating, but there isn't anything further we can tell you. If your flight is impacted due to strike action, we will contact you as soon as possible."


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