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The premier business expo MASTERS EXPO, called the Capital of Great Business, runs from December 8 to December 12. Selected exhibitors, businesspeople, investors, CEOs, politicians, and visionaries gather here on the exhibition floor to conduct business and consider the future. The expo recognizes and presents chances for premium, sustainable, and future-proof enterprises that are connecting and setting trends. A record number of restaurants are available during MASTERS EXPO for lunch or dinner. During MASTERS EXPO, MASTERS TALKS will offer a thoughtful and challenging program in the nearby conference facility.

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GlobeAir flies passengers to the most exclusive European events and Masters Expo is no exception. Experience GlobeAir door-to-door chauffeur service and let us pick you up from your favourite location. Plan your journey to Amsterdam, Netherlands and be part of the Masters Expo.

December 8, 2022 – December 12, 2022

Amstelzijde 87, 1184 TZ Amstelveen, Niederlande

How to reach Amstelzijde 87, 1184 TZ Amstelveen, Niederlande?

Nice (NCE)
→ Amsterdam (AMS)

from €10,890
BTC 0.6624

Flight time: 02:16 h

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Vienna (VIE)
→ Amsterdam (AMS)

from €11,790
BTC 0.7209

Flight time: 02:28 h

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Paris (LBG)
→ Amsterdam (AMS)

from €6,190
BTC 0.3799

Flight time: 01:18 h

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An aviation tradition signified by the world’s oldest operating airline KLM, Amsterdam is easily accessible by plane. When you charter a private jet from any of your favourite European locations to Amsterdam, you travel comfortably avoiding crowds and delays. When you travel by private jet to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) you will arrive at a private terminal where all security measures are carried out efficiently.

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