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Flottenbetreuung Flugzeugpflege (m/w/d)
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CAMO-Ingenieur (m/w/d)
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Certifying Staff Aircraft Engineer B1 (m/w/d)
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Spezialist für digitales Marketing (m/w/d)
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Senior Webanwendungsentwickler (m/w/d)
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Instandhaltungsleiter (m/w/d)
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Certifying Staff Aircraft Engineer B2 (m/w/d)
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Commander - Cessna Citation Mustang (TR/NTR) (f/m/d)
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First Officer - Cessna Citation Mustang (TR/NTR) (f/m/d)
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Crew Support Officer (m/w/d)
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Our values and benefits

GlobeAir is proud of these values.

Personal growth

An exciting role for business aviation enthusiasts looking for professional and personal growth.

A permanent & full-time job

GlobeAir is a solid aviation company with more than 10 years of experience in providing private jet charters and luxury experiences. GlobeAir is not a hire and fire company and stands for employee retention and talent harvesting.

Diversity & Inclusion

At GlobeAir, you will benefit from an international workplace with a flat hierarchy and open-door policy. At GlobeAir, your voice will be heard and you will never be treated as a mere number.

Relocation packages

To all our new employees – who we like to scout from all over the world according to their talents, we are providing relocation packages and a first-month of covered accommodation in order to feel at home from the very beginning.

Family-like atmosphere

We are an international #DreamTeam sponsoring respect for all the nationalities that live and thrive at GlobeAir.

Flat Hierarchy

At GlobeAir, we believe that every voice should always be heard. No matter if there are VPs and team leaders, at GlobeAir everybody can feel free to speak up their minds. Respect and an accepting cultures is what we stand for.

Free empty legs

Fancy feeling like a private jet traveller for once? Whenever there is an empty leg flight departing from Linz Airport while you are off duty, we can make it happen. Employees at GlobeAir can fly on last-minute private jet flights whenever circumstances allow it.

Free Fruits & Healthy snacks

The health of the #DreamTeam at GlobeAir is one of our first priorities. Every day, you will find a fine selection of fresh fruits for your healthy snacks at work.

Onsite canteen

We offer an on-site canteen that conveniently delivers a range of tasty cooked meals in a space where employees can get away from working areas and relax, eat and take a break in comfortable surroundings.

Free safe and secure parking

All GlobeAir employees are provided with free, safe, and secure parking at our headquarters, resulting in a hassle-free day and a positive environment.

Occupational Doctor

GlobeAir values the health and well-being of our employees. You will receive routine health checks from our professional Occupational Doctor.

Contribution towards public transport

We offer transportation assistance for those who take public transit to work and pay toward a yearly pass.


GlobeAir is proud to give home to people from over 41 countries. The #DREAMTEAM is the official callsign of GlobeAir. See some interviews below.

Life in Linz

Linz is the third largest town in Austria and located in the center of Europe. Since Linz was European Capital of Culture in 2009 and since then evolved to an art and tech hotspot with museums, tourism and international students.

Vibrant & Culturally Active

Linz was awarded "city of culture" back in 2009; since then, Upper Austria's capital city went from "steel city" to cultural hub, offering divers and numerous events, counting relevant museums and attracting artists and musicians from every side of the world.

Surrounded by nature

Linz offers more than a possibility to enjoy nature in the city abounding with parks and car-free areas for people to enjoy with friends and family when they are outside. One hour away from the lake's region of Salzburg and the more significant natural area called the Salzkammergut, Linz is a good starting point to go off on a mountain adventure.

Urban & Young

With more than three universities of different specialisations, Linz is a great polarising centre for young talents. The entire cities vaunts cafès, bars and recreational centre to make students and young people feel at home.


When you are in Linz downtown you can use your bike to reach the most iconic places like the old town, the Ars Electronica Center, The Lentos Museum, the "Dom" and many more. Cycle from Linz to Vienna following the path of the Danube for a scenic sports session.


Linz is in the centre of Europe, lying on the Paris–Budapest west–east axis and the Malmö–Trieste north–south's one. That is what makes it easy to travel around Europe and always feel like everything is near.

Internationally active

Linz is the home of many international cultural events and it is well suitable for people coming in from abroad who speaks no German. The city does a lot to integrate people from abroad by offering main services and events in English.

Our HR team is happy to welcome you

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