Truffle seeking in Piedmont

More than just a culinary experience

Experience the white truffle with all your senses

This autumn we are offering an exclusive travel experience comprising your private jet to Cuneo, first-class accommodation at the region’s grandest mansion the “Castello di Guarene”, a private truffle hunt simulation session organised by the National centre for the study of Truffles and an ultimate truffle dinner with the world's best truffle chefs.

Enjoy an extraordinary experience in the region of the “Roero and the Langhe” and top your stay off with an unforgettable gastronomic experience to be savoured directly at the castle’s signature restaurant.

Jet off to Cuneo, Italy, and start your fascinating journey by discovering the white truffle, one of the world’s most prestigious fungi.

Romantic gourmet weekend for two • Your experience at a glance

  • Private jet charter to Cuneo from any of your European locations
  • Exclusive accommodation at one of the castle suites at "Castello di Guarane" including white truffle tasting during meals
  • A truffle hunt simulation session
  • One ultimate Truffle dinner during the Alba Iternational White Truffle Fair (only available starting from October 5 to November 24)

The price for the experience (flights excluded) is €7,190 for two people.

12. Oktober 2021 – 31. Januar 2022

ab CHF 9’852.30 *
(BTC 0.2467)

* Flüge inklusive, (prices may vary depending on the chosen language for the truffle-dog tours)

London (BQH)
→ Cuneo (CUF)

ab CHF 7’290
BTC 0.1829

Flugzeit: 02:00 h

Flug nach Cuneo

Paris (LBG)
→ Cuneo (CUF)

ab CHF 5’490
BTC 0.1372

Flugzeit: 01:30 h

Flug nach Cuneo

Geneva (GVA)
→ Cuneo (CUF)

ab CHF 4’290
BTC 0.1081

Flugzeit: 00:51 h

Flug nach Cuneo

An exclusive accommodation at the "Castello di Guarene"

Your outstanding view over the Langhe and the Alps

With the white truffle season starting from September 21 until January 31, this is the perfect time of the year to discover Piedmont, the region which hosts one of the most prestigious foods on Earth. Combine your gastronomic experience with an exclusive stay at the "Castello di Guarane" – a unique venue with incredible views of the Langhe and the Alps. Ask GlobeAir to book your stay at one of the castle suites and let yourself be immersed in Piedmont's picturesque countryside.

Enjoy the comforts of one of the castle suites. Each equipped with a separate living room, the castle suites will give you the space you need to relax and unwind with your loved ones in a magical place. The castle's windows overlook the Langhe on the right and the Roero and the Alps on the left: a real fairy tale!

The authentic experience of truffle hunting

A noble tradition which lives on

The authentic experience of truffle hunting is a must-do for all truffle lovers. A truffle hunter, along with his dog, will take visitors into the woods in search of the precious mushroom.

Truffle seeking with dogs alba cuneo
Truffle hunting with dogs

The incredibly well-trained dogs will use their sense of smell and intuition to lead participants to find the white truffles mushroom.

On the hunt with a truffle-sniffer dog • Your experience at a glance

  • Truffle-hunting tour's duration: 2 hours
  • Number of people: max. 25
  • Booking: 2 days in advance

The experience includes the following:

  • A guide and an interpreter (available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese)
  • A truffle-hunting dog

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