Fuel stops for Private Jets

Fuel stops for Private Jets

Why are fuel stops sometimes required?

You may have heard the term 'Fuel Stop' however if you are unfamiliar with this terminology, you may be unaware as to the meaning and what its effect can be on your travel plans. In simple terms, a fuel stop is required when the distance from airport A to airport B is further than an aircraft's capable range. Depending on the size of the private jet, the distance can vary. However, there are many variable factors that can create the need for a fuel stop.

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To make sure you are guaranteed the highest possible safety standards when boarding a flight with GlobeAir, we would like to guide you through our fuel stop measures. Learn what factors can affect the need for a fuel stop and how it impacts you by reading the information below.

Factors that can effect the need for a fuel stop

Weather, distance and special airports

There are various factors that can account for the reasoning behind the need for a fuel stop when flying by private jet.

Variables out of our control

Weather, route and special airports

GlobeAir will always endeavour to make your travels as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Unfortunately, there are some factors which are out of our control.

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Weather: Many passengers are aware that weather conditions may cause a delay on a rainy day however in some conditions, sunny or windy conditions can also affect the performance of the aircraft. T

Special Airports:


How does the fuel stop affect my flight?

Timing and performance

In general, a fuel stop can take anywhere between 25 - 40 minutes on the ground. At GlobeAir, we will always look at every detail of the flight during the planning stage and try to shorten the waiting time for you. Our dedicated operations team will arrange fuel upon arrival which allows for a quicker turnaround time.

Depending on the fuel supplier, sometimes passengers are required to depart the aircraft during the refuelling process. One crew member will need to remain on board to perform with specific operational requirements. During this time, passengers are able to visit the FBO (Fixed-Based Operator) and make use of the lavatory, stretch their legs or grab a bite to eat.

It is our top priority to ensure that your needs are met before you even arrive at your destination. To do this, we will consider every question and work on all details beforehand or day of travel should it be necessary. Making sure that you have the best options for each potential stop along the way is just one way in which GlobeAir helps increase productivity and efficiency while travelling.

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