We are partnering with the famous Relais l'Albereta to offer you the premium hospitality experience in Franciacorta, land of vineyards, wellness and well being.

17. August 2020 – 1. Oktober 2021

Gesamtpreis für dieses Paket: ab € 11.900 (Flüge inklusive)

We are partnering with the famous l'Albereta Relais & Chateaux to offer you the premium hospitality experience in Franciacorta – land of vineyards, wellness and well being. Charter a private jet to Brescia and spend some quality time at the Relais l'Albereta for days of gourmet food, relax and sport in one of the most splendid regions of Italy. Treat yourself to a round of golf, live the pleasure of conviviality overlooking the Lake Iseo and unwind with family and friends.

Best food in Franciacorta


L'Albereta is probably offering the most delicious culinary experiences for guests looking for high-end quality food which

Bien être and detox at the Espace Chenot SPA

Luxury Spa treatments and balanced meals at the "Benessere" Restaurant

The Relais is made for guests who wants to seclude and find peace of mind surrounded by nature and premium hospitality.

L’Albereta is listed among the best luxury Spa Hotels in Italy: Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA is a SPA in Franciacorta that best represents the ideal of absolute well-being, a space exclusively dedicated to self-care, according to a rigorous method strongly rooted in the principles of medicine, capable of bring the body back to the maximum psychophysical form. Espace Chenot is one of the two exclusive medical & wellness SPA signed by Chenot in Italy and has a highly qualified team of over 30 professionals, including doctors, therapists, dietitians, therapist Assistants, osteopaths, beauticians and of course reception Managers.

Reserved for guests enjoying treatments at the Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA, in our resort in Northern Italy, Ristorante Benessere – Wellness Reastaurant - offers a range of recipes created by Dominque Chenot and perfected by her and a team of experts, designed to offer both balance and flavour.

Your premium accommodation at L'Albereta Relais & Chateaux

Rooms & Suites

Choose among the 19 available Suites at l'Albererta. Each with its own history, the suites ensure a secluded sojourn immersed in the Franciacorta landscape. Our favourite, the Cabriolet Suite, is one of the most romantic – you can open its ceilings just by pressing a button. Let yourself be seduced by the elegant Suite Bellavista or the Suite Torre del Lago.

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