Travelling tips for passengers during COVID-19

How to travel safely in 2020?

5 valuable tips to travel safe in times of COVID-19

Just a few months ago we would have never imagined to be scared of hopping on a flight, an airport shuttle or simply waiting for our connection flight at the airport. Think about digital nomads, business investors, and luxury events goers for which travelling has always been a natural habit.

Due to the dramatic rise of the COVID-19 crisis, however, travelling today seems challenging, troublesome and even scary. If moving freely from A to B is still vital for businesses and for people to meet in order to discuss deals, however, how do you go about travelling today?

Keep yourself updated and check on the latest travel regulations

2. Take care of biosecurity and follow all necessary safety measures

3. Purchase a travel insurance to safeguard your journey and investment

If there is one thing that we have started to learn since March and the beginning of the pandemic is that travelling restrictions and general safety measures in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 can change very rapidly. It may well be that your flight which was booked in advance is going to be disrupted due to sudden changes to the state policy of the country you plan to visit. What to do then? Many companies are issuing travel credits and are ready to tackle the situation by giving you the money back. Nevertheless, due to the many requests, commercial airlines' hotlines are clogged with request making reimbursements requests a painful subject. Some companies, are issuing specific travel insurance so that your investment is safeguarded. GlobeAir’s free last-minute cancellation insurance, for example, can be purchased at the time of your booking costing € 500. The free last-minute cancellation insurance grants passengers the right to cancel their flights free of charge and up to 24 hours before the confirmed time of departure.

4. Monitor your health, get checked if needed and track your movements

In times where health becomes a global concern, we should all be listening to our bodies looking for symptoms. The earlier we act to stop the pandemic's spread and the better it is for ourselves and our loved ones and the whole travelling community. Travel only when you feel 100% healthy and get yourself checked in case you feel suspiciously sick.

5. Prefer business aviation to commercial airlines

Commercial airlines have been known to connect the world in an affordable way. Today, the cost of a rather cheaper ticket could expose you to over 700 touchpoints hence hinder your health. With less than 20 touchpoints, in comparison, and a special attention on private boarding terminals and biosecurity, business aviation is nowadays becoming frequent travellers' preferred transport solution.

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