Meet GlobeAir's Head of Crew support Sanja Rogovic –

a pillar of the GlobeAir operations in love with efficiency and the pleasure of travelling the world.

When does your passion for aviation begin?

Sanja's encounter with aviation was love at first “flight”.

When I finished my MBA in Project Management, I wanted to broaden my horizons, and so I started looking for job opportunities abroad. I had no experience in the aviation industry, but the thrill of having my office up in the air got me accepting a position as cabin crew for Qatar Airways. Back in 2011, the love for travelling and the curiosity to discover new places opened up a whole new world for me. Aviation wasn't anything I had planned for, but it ended up dominating my life: paving my present and building my future. Qatar Airways is where I made most of my career advancements working as a flight attendant for eight years. I have always been thirsty for knowledge; aviation is one of those fields where there is something to learn every day. The same excitement for innovation and change was also the main reason why last year, I decided to move on to business aviation. Since the change, I have to admit that I have not regretted it once: it's great to be discovering BizAv with GlobeAir.

What’s your current role at GlobeAir?

Tell us about your experience as part of the #DreamTeam.

I joined GlobeAir as Crew Support Manager last June, and I immediately felt at home in such an international and open-minded environment. Last month I was promoted as Head of Crew Support, and I am now leading a team of three.

However, I like to specify that not all my team members sit in the office; all GlobeAir pilots are an integral part of my department. Crew Support is one fundamental department for an airline. We are in constant conversations with our pilots, and we take care of their roster, planning their days and taking care of their meals and hotel accommodation. We take care of their rest times and holidays, and we are available for them 24/7. Crew Support liaises daily with the Customer Care Team as selling unscheduled flights often result in sudden changes of plans for the crew. We need to be on top of those changes and provide an updated roster with all the necessary information so that our pilots can sprint to welcome our next guest on board and deliver the best travelling experience. We consider ourselves as GlobeAir’s professional in-house tour operator, and my goal is for the tours to be efficient, precise and smooth. Last year only, for example, we booked a total of 8,840 hotel nights, 2,452 airliners, 1380 train tickets and 520 rental cars for our crew. Since the launch of our internal CSER roadmap #WeArePlanetA, I am now happy to have set up an environmentally-friendly transport criterion to consider before choosing any transfer options for our pilots.

Sanja's Bio

Sanja holds an MSc in Healthcare Management and an MBA in Project Management. She likes travelling and spending her time with the many friends she got attached to during her time at Qatar Airways. In Linz, she has found her new home working at GlobeAir as Head of Crew Support.

Gráinne's Bio

Gráinne is Irish and has joined Globeair in 2018. She studied for her pilot training in the Ireland and obtained her licence in 2015. During her free time, she loves music, travelling, baking, spending time with friends in London and going home to Ireland to visit her family and her niece. Gráinne has been living in London, since 2018.


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