Could my private jet flight be cancelled due to COVID-19?

Could my private jet flight be cancelled due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 and Private Jet Charters

How do cancellation policies for private jets work?

Today, private jet travellers are not booking much in advance. At GlobeAir, for example, we have registered an increase of 42% more overnight bookings compared to last year. Whereas it is normal for private jet operators to see plans change fast, COVID-19 has certainly added more complexity.

Our operations team is working day and night to accommodate our passengers’ requests despite all changes now happening in travel regulations worldwide. As soon as you book and pay for your private jet, the operator starts planning the entire fleet plan around your flight taking care of both aircraft availability and flight feasibility – which includes airport and crew availability as well as possible NOTAMs.

I am forced to cancel my private jet trip due to COVID-19, what happens to my money?

Lately, passengers are forced to cancel their flights more frequently than before.

Imagine the following scenario:

“You have booked a private jet flight from France to Austria, and now you are obliged to get tested upon arrival and spend 14 days in quarantine.”

Not extraordinary – we hear about cases like this one every day.

What happens if you then decide to cancel your private jet flight? Technically, in such a scenario, your flight can still be performed with no restrictions. When you consciously refuse to honour your booking, the operator can do nothing but apply the cancellation policy clauses.

Another story would be if your desired destination were to suddenly stop accepting passengers coming from your departure country. If something similar should happen after you have booked and paid for your private jet flight, GlobeAir is committed to refunding the cost of your flight due to force majeure circumstances.

GlobeAir’s last-minute cancellation insurance helps passengers safeguard their journeys for an investment of only € 500. Passengers can purchase the insurance before signing the contract and therefore finalising their booking. Your dedicated travel manager at GlobeAir is ready to answer all your questions in case of doubts or queries.

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