Safety best practices for travellers on the coronavirus

Recommended safety actions and the benefits of travelling by private jet

Update: GlobeAir is not cancelling any private jet flight to Italy or any country affected by a sudden rise in coronavirus cases. Private jet charters and private jet lounge are much more secure than big airports' terminals hence our decision to continue offering flights with no change for the time being.

The outbreak of a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, has now been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization. EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has just published a set of good practices to follow before or during a flight.

Generally, flying private jet diminishes the risk of contracting any contagious disease; passengers are collected from their preferred locations and fly via less-trafficked environments. Private aviation's dedicated FBOs are quieter and more secluded compared to the commercial airlines' ones.

Nevertheless, advice has also been directed to operators too. GlobeAir has instructed their crew to make use of protective equipment (single-use gloves or mask) when in contact with passengers who show symptoms of an acute respiratory infection (cough, frequent sneezing, blocked nose, sore throat or similar). As well as this, instructions to report the state of health to the authorities are known. The latter should be followed in the case of acknowledged passengers' poor state of health.

Our reference information centre, The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) is currently monitoring the developments of the outbreak closely.

What do we know about the coronavirus so far?

Basic knowledge about the "2019-ncov"

The outbreak was likely caused by the proximity of animals and people in the Chinese street market of Wuhan. Bats are said to be the first carrier of the virus, contracted then by mammals sold at the market. Symptoms resemble flu and could include pneumonia. For the moment, scientists have started work on vaccines for the disease, but they won't be ready before six or twelve months.

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