Behind the wings: Sivaram Chandrakumaran, ATO Manager

Meet #DreamTeam's Sivaram Chandrakumaran, ATO Manager

What's the secret behind GlobeAir crew's passion for BizAv

Sivaram, or better known to the #DreamTeam, started as a First Officer in 2017 as a First Officer.

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1. When did your passion for aviation begin?

Like many aviators, my passion for aviation began at a very young age. The sight of these large pieces of metal floating around the sky was extremely fascinating to me. I joined the Air Cadets in North London when I was at High School where I attended two evenings a week.

I had the opportunity to fly light piston aircraft and managed to fly my first solo flight on a powered glider through a sponsored scholarship by the Royal Air Force. From this point, I was certain I wanted to be a pilot.

2. What is your current role at GlobeAir?

I am currently a Line Training Commander at GlobeAir and the Learning & Development Manager of our Approved Training Organisation (ATO). I have also recently joined the Training Department assisting them with the day to day running of our pilot's training and focussing on ways to enhance safety as the Standard Operating Practises (SOP) Specialist.

3. How does your role interact with the other departments?

I am constantly in contact with my colleagues from the training and flight operations department. I work closely with the Nominated Person of Flight Operations and Crew Training (NPFO/NPCT), regularly reporting to the Accountable Manager. I am also in close contact with our Operation Control Centre (OCC) when dealing with the logistical planning of the crew training.

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How does COVID-19 impact your job today, and how did it make you grow?

For me, COVID-19 has become the new normal and anything other than this feels strange. I was lucky enough in a way to have been flying throughout the whole pandemic. It was a challenging experience, especially during the main peaks and hard lockdowns with constantly changing regulations. However, our entire team worked hard through this period to help all those who needed to travel and repatriate during these difficult uncertain times.

Flying through this Covid period was a once in a lifetime experience and has definitely made me grow to be even more adaptable and resilient.

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GlobeAir is an international family, do you agree?

GlobeAir is certainly diverse in culture as we have colleagues from over 21 different countries. My ethnicity evolves from Sri Lanka and I was born in France, but I have lived in London for the majority of my life. It’s great to have such a vast mix of colleagues with different languages and backgrounds. The international family I work within really makes the job interesting as I’m constantly learning about various views on different cultures and religions.

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6. Why is training so fundamental for pilots?

Pilot training is crucial to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone involved. Being a pilot sounds fun, but with it comes great responsibility and training is one of the best ways to mitigate many risks within the cockpit environment.

At GlobeAir, our pilots undergo simulator training and checking every 6 months in a full-motion simulator.

This training mainly focuses on all the abnormal procedures that may be encountered whilst operating our aircraft hence keeping our crew ready at all times to deal with any situation that may arise. There is a great deal of focus on the non-technical skills required to manage such situations such as communication, decision making and crew cooperation.

All in all, training is essential to ensure we provide the safest operation for all our passengers.

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7. What are the challenges and the rewards of your job?

There are definitely days at GlobeAir, which can be challenging, dealing with things like bad weather, air traffic control slots and last-minute change of plans. However, we are well trained to deal with such circumstances, ensuring we follow the highest levels of safety.

Along with challenges, arises rewards and one of the most rewarding moments is when we fly into one of many special airports such as Samedan and Innsbruck where our flying skills are put into full practice.

Opening the door to our passengers, revealing the beautiful scenic valley situated in the alps, with snow-covered tops and the sun shining down on us is one of the most rewarding feelings of a safely completed mission.

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8. Where do you see the future of Aviation going?

Aviation is an essential part of travel for everyone and the future focus now is to improve the sustainability of aviation. GlobeAir is already deep down into our #weareplanetA program which focuses on our carbon offset programmes.

This is essential for our future generations and I am extremely happy my employer is proactive and actively taking care of this aspect.

9. Which destination can you recommend?

I’m personally a sun and beach lover, so I would highly recommend anywhere to the south of Europe. I’m a great fan of the Balearic Islands in Spain and the beautiful island of Sardinia in Italy, as the weather is generally great with delicious food, especially fresh seafood.

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10. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 32, married and a father of two. My daughter is 2 years old and my son is 7 months old. We all live in our home in South London close to our family and friends. Many challenges arise with such a young family, however, the great work-life balance, which GlobeAir provides with our roster, works perfectly for us.

I’m home long enough to see my children grow and away for not too long to have a small break from it all. In my free time, I love socialising with my family and friends as this is important for me. I also go running from time to time to disconnect from the world and improve my general fitness and increase my mental health.

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