• The leading Air Taxi operators announces a new partnership with the world’s leading film festivals, which underlines GlobeAir ́s commitment to excellence
  • Gerard Depardieu to arrive at the red carpet with an air taxi transfer operated by a GlobeAir Private Jet
  • Organized by La Biennale di Venezia, festival to be held on the Lido di Venezia from August 30 to September 9, 2017

Venice, 6 September, 2017 – GlobeAir, the leading air taxi operator in Europe, for the first time sponsors the International Film Festival, one of the world ́s most prestigious event, held on the Lido di Venezia from August 30 to September 9, 2017.

The heart of the brand’s presence, has been on September 5th at Palazzina Grassi, in occasion of the presentation of the new restoration of 1900 (Novecento), by Bernardo Bertolucci, which will be part of the Venice Classic section.

Mr. Gerard Depardieu, the guest of honour, has arrived at the red carpet with a Citation Mustang private jet, operated by GlobeAir.

“We are proud to take part in such a prestigious event, capturing the attention of the world”, says Mauro De Rosa, member of the executive board and shareholder of GlobeAir. “Just like in a film production, at GlobeAir, we are committed to excellence and meticulous about any detail that can make the difference for our passengers to create memorable moments and unique experiences before, during and after the flight”.

“It is obvious that flying directly to the final destination by private jet is more convenient and comfortable for those who have limited time, although what is more important is that using an air taxi service passengers are able to schedule business travel, with very short notice, to at least three times more destinations in Europe than airlines.”

With GlobeAir’s fleet of Citation Mustang jets, it is able to connect to more than 1,500 airports around Europe and North Africa, including those with a short runway not accessible to commercial airlines. Travellers appreciate the advantages of being able to cover multiple business destinations in the same day, with a flexible departure time according to their own schedule.