Mustang air operator bets on innovation, vertical integration and differentitation

Geneva, 24/05/2016 – The decline in the air charter market in Europe over the past year cannot be denied, despite this GlobeAir has succeeded by betting on a winning strategy and taking the lead as the world´s largest Mustang operator with profitable results in the past fiscal year with and foremost, 10% sales growth in Q1 2016 (YOY). At EBACE the company confirms that the existing trend is expected to continue, outlining a considerable increase in demand of small jets across Europe, which already accounts for 33% of total movements.

Since its founding in 2007, GlobeAir’s innovative air-taxi business model based on a homogeneous fleet of Citation Mustangs with floating bases across Europe has proven to be successful. As a result, many players have been attracted to this sector and the air charter sector has become very fragmented.

GlobeAir founder and CEO, Bernhard Fragner explained:

The shift in the charter market and the resulting downgrading has been very beneficial for us, although, as the VLJ sector gained strength in Europe, we are now witnessing growing competition. In a strong market, anyone can look like a winner however, when the demand is price-sensitive, competition can become a business minefield. Our customers have recognized the advantages and privileges of flying with an established company, gaining a solid reputation based on safety and service. We will continue to strengthen our market leadership by investing in innovation, vertical integration and differentiation always being loyal to our core values.

Efficiency, convenience, reliability are the key pillars of GlobeAir’s strategy which just yesterday was recognized for the second time by EBAA" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">EBAA, for its remarkable safety achievement with Silver Safety of Flight Award. This important acknowledgement arrives just a few months after the Austrian operator obtained certification for Approved Training Organisation (ATO), by the CAA, which guarantees that all GlobeAir pilots are properly trained, exceeding industry standards.

“GlobeAir continues to innovate with the goal of delivering higher quality service while optimizing costs,” said Claudio Bruno, Chief Operations Officer, GlobeAir. “Technology, in particular IT, is fundamental in our quest. We recently introduced Traxxall Technologies to better manage the airworthiness of our aircraft, we have invested in cloud based technology for managing our entire technical library allowing pilots and technicians to access data anywhere.”

When it comes to maintenance, GlobeAir’s strategy is to vertically integrate. The OneFourFive maintenance unit ensures greater flexibility and rapid assistance at any moment so that AOGs are promptly tackled. The air taxi operator has added a second mobile repair team in response to the growing fleet. Furthermore, they are the only maintenance facility qualified for hot section inspection (HSI) on the PW615F-A, other than the OEM Pratt & Whitney Canada and StandardAero.

This year GlobeAir has flown one of its 14 Mustangs to EBACE showcasing its newly refitted interiors, completely handcrafted in Florence. Available in three different styles, Ambition, Contemporary and Elegance, the GlobeAir cabins inspired by the elite automotive industry combine fine Italian craftsmanship with clean contemporary design.

Travellers who choose to fly with GlobeAir benefit from a wide range of advantages, starting from instant quotes to dedicated Customer Care services, now available not only for European flights but also in North America, thanks to the transoceanic partnership signed with JetSuite, the U.S.’s fourth largest private jet company.

As part of the alliance, which launches officially at EBACE, GlobeAir clients will receive a 5% discount off their first charter flight with JetSuite, as well as a $2,000 flight credit for clients who open a $50K SuiteKey membership with JetSuite. GlobeAir clients will have a dedicated Guest Services team supporting their needs when they travel in the U.S.

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