Geneva, 21/05/2015 – Founded in 2007, GlobeAir keeps on growing. Its expansion has been particularly impressive in 2015 as in only a few months 2 Citation Mustang entered the fleet.

We are operating the world’s largest fleet of Citation Mustangs”, stated proudly Mr. Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir. “We have just closed a deal on another Citation Mustang with registration OE-FPP, dedicated to our hook line “Passion into Profession”, to celabrate our corporate values and the spirit that has been driving our team since the day we started building our business.”

“Expansion” seems the keywod for GlobeAir which has quickly set itself as one of the fastest growing private aviation companies, due its distinctive business model based on a homogenous fleet that combines cost-effective flights with comfort, safety and customer service as a priority. The GlobeAir fleet, has proved to be efficient and reliable. The cockpit features new generation avionics and the cabin, with its club seat layout, offers a convenient solution for short haul around Europe.

The Mustang allows us to link our passengers to airports otherwise inaccessible by commercial aviation or larger class business aircraft. Additionally, having the largest fleet of this kind  gives us an edge, generating  efficiencies throughout operations, economies of scale and reduced positioning costs”,

added Mr. Fragner. Since its creation, GlobeAir managed to grow on the international scale and has now nearly 40% of market share in its peer group.  

 At GlobeAir, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality service before, during and after the flight. On board our aircraft, passengers are hosted by crew qualified far beyond normal requirements. The dedication we provide to our clients can be compared to service offered by the most exclusive concierge companies”,

added Mauro De Rosa, Chief Marketing Officer at GlobeAir.

To meet its customers’ expectations, the company offers a wide range of services including ground transportations, helicopter transfers, luxury accommodations, exclusive experiences, tailored tours, business meeting coordination and cargo flights.


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Marketing & Communications Manager

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GlobeAir keeps on growing with a new Mustang OE-FPP