Linz,  14 June 2016 –  Paris-Modena is a splendid cycle escape between France and Italy that associates unique places to the fulfilment of children dreams.Thirty passionate cyclists  joined the  Paris-Modena 2016 edition, from June 4th to 9th, to raise money for the Rêves association that helps kids battling with health weaknesses.

Created under the driving force of Maserati West Europe, this fantastic adventure crossed France and part of Italy on a route devised to guarantee the participants the maximum enjoyment on a bike, combining breathless views and diverse road surfaces, for a memorable 5-days experience.

This year Claudio Bruno, Chief Operations Officer at GlobeAir, together with his wife Maryann Huckvale, actively took part in the Paris-Modena event, sharing an unforgettable experience with passionate individuals and brands mutually linked by strong values.

Claudio commented with enthusiasm:

“I had the fortune and honor to participate in this extraordinary event organised by Maserati. Reflecting on the past days I realised that all the people involved had one thing in common “Passion into Profession”. Sharing the road with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, actors, business professionals, sport enthusiasts and even nutritionists made all the effort in tackling the challenging climbs and routes worth the while. Many sponsors contributed to the success and safety of this event, just to name a few:

Maserati: steeped in passion and heritage, cars that come to life with emotion and allow us to be perfectly linked to the road. A special thank you to Guido who meticulously organised every step of the event and made us all feel like part of the Maserati family. The Trident conquered our souls!

Look Bicycles: I really enjoyed riding the Look 675, it is a beautifully crafted frame perfectly balanced between power transmission and road feedback, no wonder the pros use it during the grueling Paris Roubaix Classic road race. Thank you to Erik for equipping all of us with flawless bicycles.

Antinori Wines : squeezing passion out of every grape, you know it will be a good wine well before you open the bottle. Observe how the vineyards are nurtured, how every step of the process is carefully balanced between craft and discipline. Gratitude to the Antinori Family and Enrico for hosting us in both the Guado al Tasso and Tignanello vineyards, incredible places never to be forgotten.

Sixtan exceptional service provider that followed us with Maserati cars thoughtout the entire race with patience, professionalism and dedication.

Hotel Hermitage: an enchanting experience overlooking Monte Carlo, you can just imagine Fangio screaming up the hill heading towards Casino square in his Maserati 250F. 

Bio Hombre: Passion grown out of the land and converted to exceptional Parmigiano Reggiano.

Salice: Supplying all of us with high performance helmets and eyewear.

Polar: converting effort into data, trouble free, even during the one day of torrential rain.

226ERS: best on bike nutrition I have ever tried.

Never had I imagined sharing our values and passion with so many likeminded individuals and sponsors“.

Although young in it‘s heritage, GlobeAir has established itself as a leader in private jet service ensuring safety and customer satisfaction are not compromised.

GlobeAir joined the Maserati Paris-Modena 2016 edition