• 31% rise flights in Q1 2017 compared to the same period in 2016
  • Revenue of €21.3 million in 2016, up 19.6% on 2015

Geneva, 23 May, 2017 – GlobeAir, the leading air taxi operator in Europe, has acquired two new Citation Mustang jets, taking the total it owns to 16, which confirms its prominence in the Very Light Jet sector with the largest fleet of Citation Mustangs of anywhere in the world.

The increased size of its fleet is needed to support the company’s strong growth.
The company logged 582 flights in Q1 2017 averaging 1 and 20 minutes, and a high rate of utilization averaging 157 flight hours per aircraft, which is a 31% increase on the same period last year.

GlobeAir’s early success in 2017 builds on strong growth in 2016. Last year, it delivered revenue of €21.3 million, up 19.6% on 2015.

Mauro De Rosa, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, of GlobeAir comments: “We are seeing strong and steady growth for our services; mainly driven by C-suite executives who understand the opportunity cost gained in saving time through efficient travel.

“Entrepreneurs and executives are switching on to the idea that private jet charter is not just for the super-rich. In today’s global economy, they see the value of using business aviation to speed up their deals and lift their companies to higher levels of efficiency.

“Compared to the past, what is remarkable is that not only large corporations, but also local enterprises and promising start-ups, are making greater use of the air taxi industry.

“It is obvious that flying directly to the final destination by private jet is more convenient and comfortable for those who have limited time, although what is more important is that a GlobeAir flight allows the user to schedule business travel to at least three times more destinations in Europe than airlines.”

When looking at last year, the three departure countries that GlobeAir saw the biggest increase in cross border revenue flights were France, United Kingdom and Switzerland where they saw rises of 19%, 36% in departures and 5% respectively on 2015.

Departure countries

Number of GlobeAir departures in 2016

Number of GlobeAir departures in 2015

France 3,483 (+19%) 2,933
United Kingdom 1,906 (+36%) 1,401
Switzerland 1,754 (+5%) 1,674

GlobeAir’s fleet of Citation Mustang jets is able to connect to more than 1,500 airports around Europe and North Africa, including those with a short runway not accessible to commercial airlines. Travelers appreciate the advantages of being able to cover multiple business destinations in the same day, with a flexible departure time according to their own schedule.