Linz, Austria, 09/03/2015 –  The leading  Air Taxi operator, is on track with its European expansion, adding another Citation Mustang to its fleet in the first quarter 2015.

Founded in 2007, GlobeAir has quickly set itself as one of the fastest growing private aviation companies, due its distinctive business model based on a homogenous fleet, which combines cost-effective flights with the highest comfort level and safety.

This is truly an exciting start to the year” said Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir.“In line with our plans, we added  a new Citation Mustang, registration OE-FNP, confident that the light jet represents the future of  charter flights in Europe, linking passengers to airports otherwise inaccessible by commercial aviation or larger class of business aircraft”.

GlobeAir was the first operator who was convinced of the potential of this high-performance aircraft, so much so that it based its entire strategy on operating a uniform fleet of Citation Mustangs. Generating efficiencies throughout its operation, economies of scale and reduced positioning costs, GlobeAir obtained its success providing passengers with greater flexibility and premium customer care service before, during and after the flight.

Added Bernhard Fragner:

Our staff of 80 passionate people, including office, crew, sales, technical support and maintenance has developed into an experienced and dedicated team allowing us to deliver on our promise of superior customer service. Our goal is to grow gradually and steadily, without losing our core value; delivering a new way of travelling at convenient rates and high quality service. For instance, the Mustang is perfect for business day trips and family leisure journeys”.

In 2015 GlobeAir has adopted a 100% smoking free policy, in favor of a better and cleaner air environment.

Mauro De Rosa, shareholder of GlobeAir, stated in regard to his company’s decision to make cabin smoke-free:

It got to the point where we felt that smoking on board not only posed a health hazard but also increases the risk of fire. People became very sensitive to this matter and for our crew secondhand smoke exposure became more of an issue, so we decided to step back and reconsider our policy.”


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GlobeAir adds another Citation Mustang to its fleet in the first quarter 2015 [PDF]