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Book your private jet F1 GP experience with behind-the-scenes action

Imagine the adrenaline of a Grand Prix, the efficiency of a private jet, and the exclusivity of behind-the-scenes access all wrapped into one perfect package. GlobeAir is thrilled to introduce an unrivalled sports travel experience – an all-inclusive journey to the heart of the world's most prestigious motor racing circuits: Silverstone, Las Vegas, and Abu Dhabi.

Our bespoke packages are tailored to deliver an immersive VIP experience that blends high-speed excitement, luxury accommodation, and the thrill of exploring some of the world’s most iconic destinations.

Uncover the Hidden World of Formula 1

Dive into the pulse of Formula 1 with GlobeAir's unparalleled paddock access experience.

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at a Grand Prix? A paddock pass from GlobeAir is your ticket to find out. It lets you step into the hub of all the action - buzzing with activity and brimming with excitement.

Fancy meeting the drivers? With our paddock access experience, you'll get a chance to see the stars of the sport up close. One of the highlights is experiencing the pit lane in action, where teams practice pit stops with lightning speed and jaw-dropping precision.

So, ready to step into the heart of the action? Our paddock pass is not just a ticket; it's your pass to the pulse of the Grand Prix.

What is included in your package:

- Return private jet travel from the destination of your choice

- Exclusive paddock access

- Luxury return premium transfers are provided to the hotel, airport and race track

- Luxury hotel accommodation

- Access to the destination's most exclusive restaurants and clubs

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Paddock access: The ultimate F1 experience

Your Grand Prix journey awaits with destinations Silverstone, Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi

Destination Highlights: Silverstone, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi

Silverstone - The home of British motorsport, steeped in history and loved by drivers, Silverstone offers a captivating mix of high-speed thrills and British charm. When not at the circuit, you can explore the timeless allure of nearby London, with its unrivalled shopping, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife.

Las Vegas - The pulsating heart of entertainment, Las Vegas hosts its Grand Prix in a spectacle of flashing lights, high stakes, and non-stop excitement. Away from the track, witness extraordinary shows, try your luck in world-renowned casinos, or revel in the city's electrifying energy.

Abu Dhabi - The jewel of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit combines modern innovation with luxurious Arabian hospitality. Experience the thrill of a twilight race and explore the mesmerising skyline, golden beaches, and cultural treasures the city offers.

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