The GlobeAir Team counts more than 20 different nationalities and together with the crew it represents the strength of the company.

International and talented, the GlobeAir team includes seasoned managers with diverse industry experiences spanning aviation, travel, technology and luxury goods.

Our Department Management is responsible for overseeing and supervising any of GlobeAir’s activity and it is committed to managing every single flight with the highest level of professionalism to ensure smooth air charter services, passenger satisfaction and unparalleled customer service.

Gerda Aufreiter

Vice President Finance

Gerda joined GlobeAir in 2012, bringing with her an extensive financial experience and the highest qualifications for the role. Talented and passionate, Gerda Aufreiter is the head of Finance at GlobeAir and with diligence and precision she is ensuring that the company´s financial status is always under control.

Jonathan Berdoz

Vice President Sales

With a background in service management, Jonathan has an outstanding customer approach. He joined GlobeAir in 2011 and since then he is personally overseeing and managing every request on board, ensuring that the quality of service is second to none before, during, and after each flight. He is always exploring new concepts to attract an ever larger passenger base.

Ricardo Santana

Vice President Operations

Ricardo Santana and his team are responsible for all the operations and procedures to provide every passenger with a seamless flight experience. From the flight request to the take off and landing, Ricardo and the Operations Team are committed to delivering an around-the-clock service to make sure that any passenger requirements are met.

Claudia Fanini

Head of Marketing & Communications

Claudia joined GlobeAir in 2010 for two years when her career path took her to the Far East where she worked for some international luxury companies. In 2014 Claudia rejoined the GlobeAir team where she is committed in shaping the brand identity, managing all the different communication channels and establishing compelling partnerships to increase the brand awareness and reach out to a broader public.

Nicola Potenza

Head of Maintenance

With an extensive experience with airliners and large aircraft, Nicola Potenza joined the GlobeAir team in 2011 and since then is responsible for the jet maintenance. Taking care of the entire Citation Mustang fleet, Nicola Potenza is a key professional at GlobeAir and his commitment is fundamental to ensuring the flights.

Tanja Dirnstorfer

Head of Crew Logistics

Since 2016 Tanja is leading the Crew Support Team, taking care of the strategic crew planning and rostering, according to the highest international safety standards. In addition, she is responsible for the management and organization of all crew logistics, including travel arrangements and accommodation.

Kenan Trgic

Head of Corporate IT

With a genuine passion for solving complex data related problems, Kenan joined GlobeAir in 2016 bringing to the company his exceptional know-how in the IT field developed working for different high tech companies. Together with his team, Kenan is ensuring that every hardware, software and all the GlobeAir technical operations are smoothly working 24/7.

Michael Fritz

NPGO, Head of Ground Operations

Michael has been with GlobeAir since 2011, and his knowledge of the General Aviation rules and regulations is absolutely remarkable. Constantly in connection with airports, authorities, FBO’s and fuel suppliers, Michael and his team are focused on managing all the ground operations to make every flight possible.

Martina Vincenzi

Human Resource Specialist

With a solid background in private and commercial aviation, Martina is recruiting and managing the corporate human resources to ensure the quality and professionalism of all the candidates. With dedication, method and empathy she is able to motivates the Dream Team members and lead them into a successful and meaningful career.