Our Crew is not only highly professionally trained on ensuring the highest safety level during your flight, but is also focused on taking good care of your needs since the first moment. We meticulously select pilots with a genuine passion for flying and a strong commitment to customer service. After the selection, the GlobeAir crew must attend training in classroom and simulator, according to EASA regulations, that exceed the requirements adhering strongly to our flight safety policy.

Diego Durjava

Vice President Flight Operations

Diego is the Nominate Person Flight Operations and the most experienced pilot of GlobeAir. He is responsible for the safe and secure conduct of all activities regarding the flight operations and he has the final responsibility over the flight crew. As Line Training Commander, he carry out line training for new entrant pilots, line checks training for current pilots and command assessment for budding new Captains.

Roberto Mairo

Vice President Technical Operations

With an extraordinary experience in aviation, Roberto joined GlobeAir in 2017 and he is responsible for managing the technical operations to ensure the continuous airworthiness of the fleet and the safety of the flights. With a team of expert technicians, he is overlooking all the decisions related to maintenance to make sure all the company is performing always at his best.

Andreas Klein

Head of Training, NPCT, TRI/TRE

Andreas is the Nominate Person Crew Training he is responsible for the entire training of all crew members to ensure that all crew fulfils the highest aviation standards prior performing flights with our customers. He is also a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and Type Rating Examiner (TRE) on the C510.

Christian Obermayer

Head of Fleet Airworthiness

With 25 years’ experience in aircraft maintenance Christian joined GlobeAir in 2017. As an engineering professional, he has an extensive practical maintenance knowledge of aviation. In order to support the growth of GlobeAir Christian assumes the overall responsibility of the CAMO. He ensures that maintenance is accomplished to the highest standards of airworthiness and that all regulatory responsibilities are being followed.

Léa Thiery

Safety Manager & Line Training Commander

Léa Thiery is responsible for the administration of the company Safety Management System program. Lea is in charge of monitoring safety issues, providing safety education, investigating incidents and accidents, and acts as a resident expert on safety matters. All while helping to develop loss control standards, and making recommendations to improve safety in the workplace.

Nicholas Pettine

ATO Learning and Development Manager

Nicholas’ main task is managing GlobeAir Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and supervise the entire hiring process. He is responsible for the creation and delivery of training programs, and committed in coaching and developing talents within the Dream Team. As a Line Training Commander himself, Nicholas passionately flies our Mustangs around Europe since 5 years.

Riccardo Ceccherini

CRM Training Manager

Experienced Flight and Ground Instructor and Ground Examiner, Riccardo joined GlobeAir in 2015 and today he is involved in the Training Department as OCC Instructor (Operator Conversion Course), CRM Trainer, ESET Instructor, Manual Editor, and he is playing an active role in the hiring team.

Roman Lasinger

Security Manager & Line Training Commander

As Security Manager, Roman Lasinger has the primary handle of all security related tasks, ensuring that GlobeAir is compliant with national and international security regulations and laws. Therefore, he is in close contact with the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation, and Technology (BMVIT).

Nicola Potenza

Head of AOG Support

With an extensive experience with airliners and large aircraft, Nicola Potenza joined the GlobeAir team in 2011 and since then is responsible for the jet maintenance. Taking care of the entire Citation Mustang fleet, Nicol Potenza is a key professional at GlobeAir and his commitment is fundamental to ensuring the flights.