20 Mustangs by the end of 2016

The foremost air taxi operator in Europe reveals positive results and a growing plan

Linz, 26/01/2016 –  GlobeAir, the leading air taxi operator in Europe with the world´s largest fleet of jets Citation Mustang, discloses fiscal 2015 earnings and unveils growing plan.

According to EBAA, the European Business Aviation Association, in 2015 the private jet sector has incessantly lost activity in Europe. Coversely, the Mustang demandfor GlobeAir has shown a clear gain in 2015 with an overall sales increase of 20% YOY and a peak of requests in July resulting in Euro 2.3m record income.

The growing demand of small-cabin aircraft, as the effect of a downsizing approach assumed by many international travelers, has supported the GlobeAir's success and thereby confirmed that a new trend is shaping the general aviation industry.

 “We’re pleased with our results. With commitment, financial discipline and strong execution, we closed the fiscal year with Euro 17,5m net sales, although the most relevant indicator of our positive performance is the noticeable growth of the operating income achieved this year.” says Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir.

With more than 6.000 revenue flights operated in 2015, GlobeAir is known for bringing together the best experiences in aviation with the highest level of customer service.

Resolute to maintain a stable growth, the Austrian headquartered operator hasrecently completed the acquisition of 2 Mustangs and has firm plans to grow its fleet to 20 jets latest by the end of 2016, alleging confidence in the market and its unique business model.

"We are making strong progress in our ambitions to deliver a smarter and faster way to travel in Europe " adds Mr.Fragner, “Since GlobeAir was founded in 2008 we have noticed a substantial change in the traveler’s approach. Now, more than ever, passengers are aware of the different alternatives available in the market and they want to pay fair rates for the service requested . As customer interest in affordable air charter solution is increasing, our mission is to become the reference point for the short-haul flight on-demand. 


GlobeAir is continuously investing to improve its offer and provide the passengers with a seamless travel experience. Among these actions, the company is constantly hiring highly qualified team members and releasing a cutting-edge API for instant on-line booking, while widespreading it presence in Europe with 14 jets available at most of the main airports.


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