French Riviera

Milan - French Riviera starting from 990 Euro

The Azure Coast is just that - France's southern seaside lapped by the turquoise waters of the warm Mediterranean. 

The brash bustle of the tourist centers doesn't float everyone's luxury boat, but a more relaxed French holiday can easily be had.

This first modern resort region has evolved throughout the years: during the 18th it was a winter health resort to the British upper class, in the 19th century it became a playground and vacation location for the British, Russian, and other aristocrats, then the 20th century brought artists and writers such as Picasso, Matisse, and Huxley as well as wealthy Americans and Europeans.

Today, it is the home of many celebrities and many non-French nationals.

The area features many yacht harbors and marinas which welcome approximately 50 percent of the world’s super fleet. 
Most importantly, it benefits from 115km of coastline and beaches, golf courses, ski resorts, superb restaurants, and approximately 300 sunny days per year. All combined, it will make your visit and unforgettable experience.

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  • Monte Carlo
    Named in honor of Prince Charles II, Monte Carlo was created in 1866. Monte Carlo enjoys a spectacular setting as one of Monaco’s, a tiny principality smaller than London's Hyde Park, administrative areas. It is known internationally for its casinosgamblingglamourluxurious yachts, and for sightings of wealthy businessmen and famous people. An exquisite jewel that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the ski trails of the Alps. 
    Monte Carlo’s skyline is more Manhattan than Mediterranean as Europe's movers and shakers scramble to snatch a precious piece of real estate and ridiculously expensive yachts cram the marinas. At the city's spiritual heart is Monaco-Ville where the Place du Palais houses the grand palace that the legendary Grimaldi family still hold so dear. Their turbulent history, awash with glamour, tragedy and drama, colors Monte Carlo and only helps add to its mystique.The Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Rally may be the city's two most famous events, glitzy extravaganzas that seem to sum up the spirit of flash and showy Monte Carlo, but beneath the hype there is real substance supporting the style with a lively cultural scene and layers of history well worth exploring. 
    A matchless place not to be missed!