Top Destinations

Explore some of the most popular GlobeAir destinations in Europe and discover our private jet prices on selected routes with our air taxi service.
Keep in mind that this is only a small selection of locations, if you are looking for a different itinerary please don´t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team for a tailor-made quote.

  • Paris

    The city center is surprisingly compact and a great way to get an idea of how Paris fits together is to take a cruise on the River Seine or ascend the Eiffel Tower and take in a sweeping view of the city. 
  • Geneva

    Geneva has long been Switzerland's most cosmopolitan city. It sits at the southwestern end of Lac Léman (the country's largest lake), astride the River Rhône, with foreground hills rising against a magnificent backdrop of mountains.
  • French Riviera

    The Azure Coast is just that - France's southern seaside lapped by the turquoise waters of the warm Mediterranean. 
  • London

    As bold as a bright red postbox, as refined as white bone china, as flamboyant as a pantomime dame, and as hearty as pie and mash: London is a complex character of epic proportions.