The Company

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Austria, GlobeAir takes pride for being the first mover in the Air Taxi sector in Europe and among the fastest growing private jet charter operators.
With the world´s largest fleet of modern Citation Mustang jets, GlobeAir offers the finest lifestyle solution for the modern luxury travellers by ensuring a direct access to those airports typically inaccessible to commercial airlines and larger private jets, with greater flexibility and premium quality service.

In today's fast pace environment GlobeAir is focused in providing time-saving flight solutions aimed at increasing business productivity and efficiency.
The term "Air Taxi" in fact illustrates perfectly the core business of GlobeAir and the advantages of flying with a private jet on-demand in Europe, with a very short notice, being in complete control of your own schedule.

GlobeAir is internationally recognized for its transparent pricing, efficient operations, and unparalleled customer service. 

Why GlobeAir

  • First mover advantage:
    8 years of experience within Europe, UK and North Africa
  • Seamless accessibility:
    Access to more than 90% airports in Europe
  • Highest safety standards:
    First Very Light Jet company rewarded by Flight Safety for its achievements.
  • Well-trained crew to land onto difficult airports such as St.Tropez, St.Moritz, London City, Lugano, Samedan, Sion and many more...
  • Leading operator for the route "Paris-Geneva":
    the most common routes amongs all private jets operators.
  • Top notch service:
    24/7 availability and dedicated concierge services
Berhard Fragner, CEO & Founder GlobeAir
When GlobeAir was founded in April 2007, the intention was to create a smart way of travelling and set new standards in the Air Taxi industry.
Berhard Fragner, CEO & Founder GlobeAir